What We Do

We evangelise the human end-user of your digital product or service. We focus our activities on identifying and understanding their needs and feelings. This empathy enables us to effectively shape, target and maximise the engagement of the users of your brand, digital product and services.

Our Services

  • An audit and review of the user experience of your products and services across all digital channels (web, mobile, social media etc.)
  • Talk to your users using a variety of methods to understand their needs and wants
  • Review and optimise your UX Strategy for maximum engagement
  • Encourage creative innovation within your organisation by introducing Design Thinking frameworks and activities

About Us

Cognac Brown was founded by Steve Blood in 2009. Steve has 20 years digital experience in agencies, client-side and consultancy on projects for international household brands including Ford and Jaguar Land Rover (connected vehicles), Adidas (social media marketing), DHL (digital transformation, Three (e-commerce), HSBC (fintech), Betfair (e-commerce), Unibet (gaming), and Sky (Sky Go, voice, gesture, mobile, vod planning and scheduling) .